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Textile Engraving

Lebanon Valley Engraving started operating in 1974 on the premise that hard work, innovation and excellent service would provide the industry not only with a great screen product, but to serve as a resource to the industry as well.

Our first customers were within the textile printing industry and from that starting point we have gradually expanded our product line to include screens for the narrow web printing industry. This beginning has led to some very unique product offerings. How is this so?

Well, how about screens that last for over 600,000 feet? In addition to longevity, our screen products are so strong; they can be cleaned with high pressure air or water jet. Think of the cost savings that you can enjoy by using such a durable product!

Lebanon Valley Engraving also provides the industry with something it hasn’t had for some time: Another choice! You now have the advantage of knowing there is a domestic manufacturer that can give you an alternative product. You also have the comfort of knowing there is someone else out there who may be able to step up and meet your deadlines with a superior product.

Many printers are now being asked to provide unique, effect-type printed products like Braille, Dome, Tactile and security products like RFID and the like. Glitter coatings and other particulate based coatings can easily tear flimsy screen material. Not so with our screen products!

Whatever your screen application may be, Lebanon Valley Engraving has a product that will provide you with the best performance available.

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