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Galvano Screen – This is the premier screen of choice for high viscosity, effect coatings and inks. This screen can lay down as much as 250 microns in film thickness. Another huge advantage of this product is the fact that it can be made in multiple apertures on one screen. This screen is made with a unique, proprietary electro-forming process using high quality nickel ensuring longevity and incredible performance. If ink gets clogged in screen, simply blow it off with high pressure water or air.


Recommended Uses:
  Glitter Coatings
  Pearlescent Coatings
  Glow in the dark 
  Thermo chromatic inks
  RFID Security Inks
  Tactile Coatings
  Braille Coatings
  Dome Coatings
  Scratch Off
  Scented Coatings
  Product Resistant Coatings

Lacquer Screen – This product has an extremely strong and resistant emulsion coating that routinely allows this screen to get over 500,000 feet runs.

An amazing array of images can be placed on this versatile screen product; giving you the ability to produce fine printing and enjoy long screen life.

Recommended Uses:
  Line Work
  First down Colors
  Combination Printing
  Unsupported Substrates
  Shrink Films

Laser Engraving – State of the art imaging coupled with a diverse CAD department makes Lebanon Valley Engravers a complete resource for you. From your artwork we can produce and turn around a screen within a relatively short period of time.

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